Flowunik, the Inspired Graffiti Artist
Flowunik is me. After 18 years exploring graffiti art, I had drifted away from my passion. The walls and canvases had become precious memories, and I no longer had the time or materials to express myself. But creativity never stays silent for long. Make way for digital!
Unique Clothes for You
I always had a vision, a dream that was close to my heart. A boutique where you could create clothes that are more than just fabrics - they are works of art. I take the time to meticulously personalize each piece, ensuring it reflects your unique style and favorite colors.
We are different because we don't believe in chain fashion. We believe in fashion that tells your story. Long term, I dream of opening an actual store, creating several unique brands, and bringing your wildest fashion ideas to life.
Passion, Quality, Exceptional Service
At Flowunik, our passion for the art of fashion is unmatched. We believe that every item of clothing should be an expression of self, a way to stand out. We work with quality suppliers, ensuring that each part meets your expectations.
Our service is meticulous, which means we care about every detail, every color shade and every pattern. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
From Paper to Reality
The process begins on paper, where each idea comes to life. Then, I use advanced digital tools, from iPad to computer to vectorize, to bring your creations to life. To ensure exceptional quality, we work with print-on-demand suppliers who use state-of-the-art equipment. They are experts in clothing printing and embroidery, ensuring that your pieces will last over time.
A Gallery of Satisfied Creations
We could go on telling you about our story, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Here are some of our achievements and photos of satisfied customers, because that's what matters most to us.
First name lucas graffitiNams kn tiktok t shirtFabulous business personalized t shirtPersonalized women's t-shirt melibouhWomen's graffiti back t-shirtFlowunik sweatshirt backFlowunik front hooded sweatshirt
Join us on this artistic adventure. Together we will create clothes that are more than just clothes, they are works of art that you will wear with pride.